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WWII Medal Shadowbox

While one can only applaud the valiant physical efforts performed by amateur and professional athletes, the efforts of the recipient of these medals cannot be overstated. Dana, our shop manager, designed a shadowbox frame for an elderly couple who had a group of WWII services medals and decorations that they wanted to pass on to their grandson. When we got a look at the medals, we saw that our client, Mr. Louis Valle, had served with distinction in Europe and saw a lot of action during the War.

Dana worked up some wonderful mat board shapes to create small platform mounts for the medals that mirrored their shapes She even stripped the fabric off a piece of B4843 Bainbridge Wheatfield Silk mat board and remounted it onto a solid-color (non-white core) mat board to make the bevels less contrasting and harsh appearing. Great move! Here is the lovely composition she came up with:

The frame used was a gemini 769. It has a scratched gold surface with black sides and a beaded inner edge. it is a deeper frame and works great for this sort of shadowbox design. Glass used was Anti-Reflective ARtGlass Water-White. It is nearly invisible and lets the 3D objects be seen without any glare or reflection. Overall size of the glass in the frame is 12 x 12".

Frame design by Dana L. Fisher, MCPF.
Execution by Dana and Julie A. Kotulak, CPF.
Photo credits:  Brian D. Flax, CPF
Images shown by kind permission of Mr. Louis S. Valle.