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What's New At Flax: Sales, Promotions & Helpful Ideas
Every month, this is the place to look for sales, promotional items and helpful ideas related to picture framing, picture hanging and other related topics.

Election 2020 Framing Promotion:

OMG Please Make It Stop 2020 yard sign
I voted sticker
October 5th through November 7th:
Show us that you voted in the Presidential Election 2020 and we will give you 15% off any picture framing project.

Here's the details:
(1) If you voted by mail, bring us the unmailed part of your application for a mail-in ballot or a stub from your actual ballot to show you voted and mailed it in.

(2) If you voted early, bring us the sticker that says "I Voted" or any other proof that you voted at a polling place.

(3) If you voted on November 3rd, National Election Day, bring us the sticker that says "I Voted" or any other proof that you voted at a polling place, even if it is a photo on your phone showing where you voted.

(4) Offer good on any framing project that includes a picture frame or a stretcher for a canvas. No minimum order required.

(5) You must ask for this promotional consideration. This will not be advertised anywhere else.

***SPECIAL BONUS*** : IF JOE BIDEN WINS, THIS PROMOTION IS GOOD UNTIL INAUGURATION DAY (1/20/21) (If the other guy wins, promotion ends abruptly on 11/7, along with our democracy........)

Now you can do the right thing for the American People and yourself, just by simply voting. Sitting this one out is not an option. Show your patriotism and vote for democracy!

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