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What's New At Flax: Sales, Promotions & Helpful Ideas

Every month, this is the place to look for sales, promotional items and helpful ideas related to picture framing, picture hanging and other related topics.

August Promotion

Free Photo Printing When We Frame It!

Bring in, or email to us, your favorite JPEG's (digital photo files) and we will print them for FREE when you spend $99 or more, per photo, to frame

Rob Flax at Evanston Space

That concert you went to and snapped a photo, on your phone, of one of your favorite musicians: We can preserve that moment for you. Print it and frame it!

Nick Flax and Strider The Dog
The favorite pet, of yours, or a family member that you miss seeing after months of lock down during the time of Covid-19: We can get their image up on the wall. Print it and frame it!
Brian Flax at Flax Art & Frame
Your favorite picture framer (who misses you just as much!). Just send him your digital photos and he'll take it from there. We can, even, arrange to pack and ship them back to you if you do not want to make the trip in (pack & ship charges apply).

Just email your photos to:

Send us the largest (jpeg) file you have of your photo and tell us, approximately, what size you want the photo to be printed before framing. We will get back to you with a number of suggested framing designs and pricing. What could be easier?

If you have questions or want to discuss it with a member of our framing team, give us a call at 312-431-9588 during business hours Monday-Saturday.



We know how much time you had on your hands since we were all quarantined in our homes this past Spring. Many people decided to tackle those huge jigsaw puzzles you never had time to work on, but finally finished.  We can help you get them framed and up on the wall, at long last.

Save $25 on framing your puzzle when you spend $150 or more to frame it.

Helpful suggestions for bringing in the puzzle for framing:
(1) Pick up a piece of mat board or mounting board at your local art supply store. Cut it slightly larger than your puzzle.

(2) While you are there, buy a bottle of white glue (like Elmer's or Lineco PVA) for gluing paper down to paper. That way, you can glue your puzzle in place before transporting it. We can do it for you, but we will charge you for that sort of mounting.

(3) Pack the puzzle between two pieces of corrugated cardboard and tape the edges shut. That way, if a puzzle piece comes loose, it won't be lost in transport.

If you want to, you can drive up in front of our shop, call us on your cell phone, and we will come out and get it from you. Then, you can either park and come in to select a frame for it, or we can design a number of framing options and email or text you photos of them, along with pricing.  We make it easy to frame!

Promotion runs through Saturday, September 5th (Labor Day Weekend).
Got questions? Call us at 312-431-9588 during business hours or email us at: