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What's New at Flax: Picture Frame Moulding Collections From The Chester Frame Company

We just received a new collection of hand-painted, American-made picture frame mouldings from The Chester Frame Company of Connecticut. They characterize their own mouldings as "Unapologetically Rustic."They are highly unusual and convey a "farmhouse esthetic" that reminds one of rural homes built during the Great Depression, barns and, perhaps, a rediscovery of unusual color schemes to perk up otherwise mundane looking picture frames. There are even a range of mouldings that have colors reminiscent of the Psychedelic '60's. They are made in this country and come to us as joined, finished-corner frames.

If you think you have something to frame that would be ideally suited for this collection, stop in for a no-obligation design consultation. We can have a lot of fun designing something amazing with these mouldings!