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220 S. Wabash Ave. Chicago, IL 60604
(312) 431-9588
St. James Catholic Church & Greater Chicago Food Depository  Glass Service Awards in Walnut Stands

The above-captioned church is the headquarters for the Greater Chicago Food Depository, which provides meals and food to the homeless and the disadvantaged in Chicago. They approached us to create wooden stands for etched, curved-glass service awards to staff and community members. They brought in a 6 foot long piece of wood trim, from the church, that survived a big fire there many years ago. it was a solid piece of walnut with carved quatrefoil designs running the length of it. Our ingenious shop manager, Dana Fisher, MCPF, designed a wooden stand to encompass the curved glass awards (photos of which are shown below) with the help of framing team member Kelly Spruth, CPF. The walnut trim was darkened by age and smoke damage, but they manged to bring the true color of the wood back to life. The clients were thrilled!

Side view of walnut base for curved glass award
top view of curved glass award in walnut base

pair of curved glass awards in custom walnut bases
Detail of curved glass award in walnut base.

top view showing curved glass award nested in walnut base, cut from salvaged walnut wood church trim.