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Table-Top Vitrine Plexibox for Flat Leather Art

Our client brought in a really interesting piece of art to frame: A 13 7/8" x 14 5/8" piece of 1/4" thick tooled leather that had an image on the front and an inscription on the back. Our client wanted to see both sides, and wanted to have it framed so that it could be on a shelf or table. Have a look at the table-top plexibox we designed and came up with:

We had our plexibox fabricator attach some clear, square acrylic rods on the side panels in the center of the plexi box so that we could slide the leather art up into the box while turned upside down, and then slip the base onto it before turning it to stand upright). I had forgotten to photograph it before the client came for it, so I whipped out my iPhone 4S and quickly photographed the box. I was really surprised at how well the photos turned out. The box is 4" thick x 13 7/8 wide x 17 5/8 tall. The art is 1/4" thick, so we had them make the channel 3/8" thick to allow for 1/16" clearance on both sides of the art, yet allow it to stand centered and upright in the box.

Plexibox designed by Brian D. Flax, CPF

Images shown by kind permission of T. McCutcheon, Esq.