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Vintage Poster, c. 1920


Shown here is an oversize Vintage poster from about 1920 by Julius Klinger, entitled "Vagabond, Vienna." It is a canvas-backed, original, vintage poster that we framed for a client who wanted it  framed edge-to-edge in an Engelsen 2623 Antique black scoop with a red rub undercoating. We used OP3 U/V filtering Plexiglass and glass spacers (to keep the plexi off the art). It was so large that we had to use a buffermount hot-mount tissue to attach it to foam board, since its size was already 48 x 72. The Buffermount tissue is reversible, so the art can be removed later on if necessary by heating it again in the press and peeling it off while still hot. 

We had to use plexiglass, since 40 x 60 is the largest size available to us in glass. The OP3  plexiglass will retard any fading. One photo shown below has Dana Fisher, MCPF, standing next to the piece to show relative height. The moulding is 3 5/8" wide, so the overall height is about 78" tall.

Framing designed and executed by Dana Fisher, MCPF.

Image by kind permission of our client.