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Vermont Hardwoods Store Sign
We carry a line of hardwood picture frame moulding that is manufactured and shipped out of Vermont called, oddly enough, Vermont Hardwoods. Consequently, we wanted to promote it within our shop as a genuine American-made moulding, since a great majority of the frame lines we stock import their mouldings from around the world, but there just aren't a lot of them being made in this country (for economic reasons, mainly). The company name was enough to put in the sign.
The sign was photographed in front of a framed reproduction of Derrell Spicy's painting, "The Time Has Come" (in case you are wondering what that is behind the Vermont Hardwoods sign). It celebrated Barack Obama's first term as president. It was a limited edition and we sold a lot of them. It depicts other famous historical personages of color arrayed around him as he speaks from a podium.

Note that, when we designed the letter mat, we fanned the company name to give it more emphasis and used a type font that was on the square-ish side. We used a bottom mat that echoed the color of the frame, which was a stained solid cherry wood. Every sign needs to tell a story to be effective.

Frame and matting designed and executed by Brian D. Flax, CPF
Artwork image shown by kind permission of Derrell Spicy