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Venetian "Carnavale" Mask #1

A client of ours, along with her husband, had traveled to Venice, Italy during "Carnavale" and, like most Venetians during that festival, wore special masks at night during the celebration. While her husband's mask was very long, large and very hard to frame, hers was a natural for the treatment shown here. 



We used two elements to frame this mask: One was a flanged-lip plexi box about  12 x 15 x 4 with rounded edges. This allowed us to mount the mask on a platform of 8 ply rag matboard, covered in #67114 carbon black Crescent suede mat board over C3710,  24 karat Crescent matboard. The mask was held in place by lacing the mask in place by means of the grommets already let into the temples of the mask. Also, we fabricated an acrylic stalk that followed the contour of the forehead of the mask to keep it from tipping or moving around.

The second element we used was a Larson-Juhl 539505 Isabella Black & Gold mouldng to frame the outline of the matting. The flanged lip of the plexi box hooks under the lip of the outer frame, thereby allowing you to frame nearly any shape of object under plexi but with a decorative, surrounding frame.

Framing designed and executed by Brian Flax, CPF

Images by kind permission of A. May