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USO Ranger Award Frame For Illinois Chairman

We work with a lot of non-profit organizations who, invariably give commemorative frame collages to outgoing board members or donors. This composition is one such collage being given to the Chairman of the USO of Illinois. USO is the service organization that helps provide a welcoming place for members of the Armed Forces who may be visiting, for example, Chicago. They might need a place to stop for a meal, to relax, to call home or whatever. The USO performs a very valuable ervice for our men and women who serve their country through the military. The staff and volunteers at the USO are really nice, dedicated people.

The frame, above, is Larson-Juhl Tate 374560 (we call it "Record Vinyl Lacquer", since it is shiny with a brush pattern in it). The mat is an 8 ply (double thick) Crescent 25711 Deep Black with a black core. Under that is a Crescent 9577 Red to provide accents and contrast, echoing the letters at the bottom of the graphic. Glass used is Tru-Vue Conservation Clear with Bainbridge ArtCAre acid-free foam board behind all of it. The patch, medallion and plate are floating on the bottom layer of the matting, showing in the 3 openings at the bottom of the mat. A "V" groove surrounds the graphic, biscts the 3 openings at the bottom and pulls it all together visually. The frame's glass size is 19 1/2 x 30 7/8".

Frame design, execution and photos by Brian D. Flax, CPF
Images shown by kind permission of A. Ruble of the USO of Illinois