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220 S. Wabash Ave. Chicago, IL 60604
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Magistrate Judge Courtroom-Back Wall

We have done a lot of framing for the Federal courts in Chicago over the years. A few months back, we were given the task of having 41 black & white photo portraits of Magistrate Judges printed and framed. A magistrate judge is the first judge any offender appears before prior to being tried by a court of law. The US District Court of Northern Illinois is only a few blocks away from our frame shop. The office manager, there, along with the one of the judges, came in and selected a Larson-Juhl 573235 Academie Gold leafed frame. The photos were all black & white, sized 16 x 20 and they were matted to 20 x 24. Each frame, also, had an engraved brass plate attached to the front, bottom frame rail. Our neighbor, Mike Chan (of C&L Printing), did a super job printing all 41 photos on Photo Rag paper for us. We dry mounted them onto acid free board and framed them using Conservation Clear glass (99% u/v protection to prevent fading). Our engraver, at Crown Trophy, also did a great job on the plates.
Judge Balog Framed PortraitBalog Name Plate on frame
We ended up boxing them, stacking the boxes on a wooden palette, shrink wrapping the whole assembly and having it trucked over to the courthouse. The office manager for the courts hired an installer and they hung them in the Magistrate Court Room in date sequence, starting from the left side as you walk into the room, proceeding all the way to the far end and then covering the entire back wall. I knew how much work had gone into the framing, but it really struck home how well it all turned out when we saw all 41 of the frames up on the wall at once. I was invited to the unveiling of the framed assemblage and was happy to be there.

Left Entry Wall of Magistrate Judge Court room
left rear wall of Magistrate Judge Court room
Framing Designed by Brian D. Flax, CPF, Lauren Thiel and Judge Harjani
Photos by Brian Flax