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U. of Chicago's Rowley Receives Japan Prize

Japan Prize Presentation Frame

The Development staff of the University of Chicago Medicine and Biological Sciences asked us to put together a presentation frame for Dr. Janet Rowley, an award-winning researcher at U. of C. The award, this time, was The Japan Prize, a highly prestigious award given for her work in cancer research.

The glass size is 16 x 21 1/2 and the frame is Larson-Juhl 603674 "Cranbrook" Ebonized Walnut with a L-J 151431 "Zen" leafed fillet inserted around the opening of the frame. The glass is ArtGlass UV, a type of Museum glass that is anti-reflective with a u/v filter to retard fading. Mats used were Crescent 7560 Moorman Linen on top, Crescent 9842 Coffee Bean on the middle layer, and Crescent 7560 on the bottom. We have also incorporated a "V"-groove into the mat to visually tie all the openings together.

There is an inscription that appears in the keyhole opening at the bottom of the mat, and the opening has the same combination of matting surrounding it as the photograph. We also framed, for Dr. Rowley, a picture of her receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Obama as well as a photo of her arriving at her U. of C. research lab on her bicycle. Dr. Rowley passed away on 12/17/2013. A loss for us all, this remarkable lady.

Framing designed and executed by Brian D. Flax, CPF

Photo by kind permission of Maryam Arai of the University of Chicago Donor Relations staff.