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John J. Audubon Museum Bird Prints

Our client made a visit to the John J. Audubon museum in Key West, Florida and was able to purchase, there, several bird prints that he had always wanted. It was his intention to frame them for him and his wife's bedroom. He brought them in and consulted with our framing team member, Kelly Spruth, CPF. She designed a frame that really complimented the prints. The prints originate in the late 19th century, but the client wanted something that was more contemporary but would not detract from the detailed elegance of the color renderings of the birds. Kelly selected a Fotiou 4912SL Silver cove moulding that had been slightly distressed to give it an antique look with a bit of the red bole (gesso undercoating) showing through. She added UV filtering OP3 plexiglass and selected a pair of 3" wide, white over dark gray mats (Artique 4146 Rainier White over Crescent 81576 Dark Gray). The Pelikan and The Flamingo were the chosen birds for this grouping, both drawn and painted in great detail with a natural grace that typifies the style of Audubon.  What a great idea, to frame them as a pair for the bedroom!

Audbon frame-upper left corner detail
Audubon frame-upper right corner detail

Audubon Flamingo print
Flamingo print label by Audubon

Audubon Pelikan Print
Description label of Pelikan Print by Audubon