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Shadowbox of Three Legendary Chicago Teams

When our client at McGuffin Creative Group contacted us to do a shadowbox for one of their clients, BMO Harris Bank, we took the contents that they had created and had already mounted on foam board and did a 3-D shadowbox to house it. We used a tall cap moulding from Studio Moulding (#ST3128 Madera Walnut) and used a second frame of the same material to create a double-depth frame (3") which required ripping the lip of the frame off on the table saw. The frame's inside dimension or glass size is 49 x 40.

We added a silver Larson-Juhl fillet (L163405 Metro Steel) on the inner lip. The inside of the box is lined with an all-black acid-free mat board (Crescent 81577 Raven Black) and the glass is Museum Glass. It will prevent fading from UV and is anti-reflective, allowing viewers to see all the details and color with little or no reflection. The collage they supplied us with was already designed to be a 3-d presentation, with images of Michael Jordan and others cut out and adhered with a riser underneath.

This presentation shadowbox is displayed in the corporate skybox at United Center in Chicago, home to the Chicago Bulls and Chicago Blackhawks. It tells a story: How the Bulls, Blackhawks and BMO Harris Bank came to be, their milestones throughout the years and their most recent pinnacles of success. Congratulations to all of them. They have all been great for Chicago!

Image is shown by kind permission of BMO Harris Bank, The Chicago Bulls, The Chicago Blackhawks and McGuffin Creative Group Inc. Our thanks to Winston Conklin for his help and collaboration on this project.

Frame designed by Brian D. Flax, CPF.

Framing executed by Dana L. Fisher, CPF