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Textiles and Rug Framing

This section of the Framescape Gallery  showcases hand stitched or woven rugs and textiles that many would prefer to hang on their walls as art and not on the floor as something to walk on. Often, they are things of beauty, with great value and, as such, should be framed in a shadowbox frame to be wall-hung. Below are links to some of the items we have framed that fall within this category. Most of them required a lot of sewing and were very time consuming to frame.  If you have a textile, rug or weaving that you want to frame, feel free to bring it into our shop for a no-obligation design consultation, where we will be happy to show you some ideas of how we can frame it and make it look spectacular.

Click on the links, below, to read about some of the projects we've done within the Textiles and Rug Framing category:'