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Snowboard in Plexibox w/Plaque

One of our shop manager's PR firm clients brought in a snowboard that had a promotional theme printed on it for a cocktail product launch out in Colorado at a ski resort. This was being framed in a plexi box with an inscribed metal plate (see photo at right) that thanked the manufacturer for their business and commemorated the event for the executive in charge.

Dana created a wooden strainer covered in masonite that she, then, covered with a fold-up reverse shadowbox of mat board that slipped over the strainer base, to which the snowboard was bolted on. The mat board used is a white mat board that has a dimpled surface like golf balls (Crescent 9744), simulating powder snow. If you have ever skied out west in the winter, when it is very cold, powder snow has the consistency of styrofoam beads and is amazing to plow through on skis. This mat board gave that same impression.

That's me on the right holding it up while Dana took the photographs. The plexi box is 15 x 64". We had to pack it up and ship it to the our client's client, which made for a very long, heavy, awkward package, but it got there o.k.

Frame designed and executed by Dana Fisher, CPF.

Images by kind permission of Allison Salzman of Walton-Isaacson.