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220 S. Wabash Ave. Chicago, IL 60604
(312) 431-9588

Chicago Neighborhoods Graphic Poster Spicy Red on White

While these are marketed as "Chicago Maps" they are, more correctly, "Chicago Graphics". While no street names are shown, they are a representation of Chicago and its crazy quilt of different neighborhoods, showing their relative geographic position within the city limits, done in a range of colored papers and inks. Some of them are posters printed by offset lithography at a worker-owned, environmentally friendly press in Chicago. Some of them are screenprints, using the silkscreen process (more like a fine art print), so there will be price differences between the two within any given size. Not all colors and sizes come both ways. The screenprints are signed on the back by the designer and the one multi-color screen print is signed on the front. All screenprints use water based inks on post-consumer-waste recycled paper.The screenprints paper is a bit heavier and stiffer than the offset lithography prints. The 24 x 36 size only comes in black on white, white on sweet blue or spicy red on white with a grey grid. The 18 x 24 size comes in all colors. The 11 x 14 size comes in 6 colors. The 22 x 28 multi-color only comes 22 x 28. Whatever color combination and size works for you:  That's the best one.