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NB Jersey Box Frame 30 x 40 Black


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Nielsen Bainbridge Jersey Box Frame 30 x 40 Black & Silver Metal
Now you can frame your collectible jerseys quickly and easily. Nielsen Bainbridge has created a 30 x 40 frame for jerseys with a snap-off front that is aluminum with thin plexiglass (polystyrene) glazing. The frame comes equipped with a swing-out hanger upon which to hang your jersey being displayed and a black mat board backing behind it for contrast. As professional framers, we frame a fair number of jerseys and find that they cost $ 500-$ 1200 to frame from scratch. Now, for only $ 399, you can have that jersey up on the wall in minutes and you can switch jerseys easily or turn the jersey around at will. This frame is for the do-it-yourself framer and sports aficionado.