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Framatic Fineline 8 x 8 Metal Readymade Frame

Framatic Fineline 8 x 8" ultra-thin metal picture frames are stocked in black or white. They are designed to allow you to show nearly all 8 x 8" of your artwork with a very thin lip on the frame. The 8 x 8"s do not come with a mat and have regular glass in them, but they are edge-loading like professional grade metal frames. They are easy to load without using any tools, since they have two latches that disengage the fourth side or rail of the frame so that it can come off, allowing you to slide the glass and backing board out of the frame. If that seems complicated, the frame comes with printed instructions to assist. Hanging is accomplished with snap-in sawtooth picture hangers. Since this size is square, you can hang it either way. The frame has channels on the back that can accommodate hanging hardware that uses wire.Also: If you would like us to cut a mat to fit your 8 x 8 frame (with, for example, a mat that accommodates a 5 x 5" photo), just drop us a note from our "Contact Us" page and we will get right back to you with a quote.