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Chicago Neighborhoods Map Edition #3

The third edition of The Chicago Neighborhoods Map (first published in 1990), came out as a revised edition in 2005 and, to date, is the most current map of Chicago's Neighborhoods that is available from the publisher,  Neighborhood Ties. This edition is an upgrade from the previous two editions. A few neighborhoods boundaries changed and they printed the new map with some metallic inks and a more sophisticated looking ghostly background . There is an index on the map to help you find specific neighborhoods and they are located by means of the letter and number coordinates along the map's margins. The creator of this collection, Chris Devane, topped the map with a little slogan he created: " Home Is Where The 'Hood Is."  We could not agree more.  The map ships to you rollled up in a tube packed inside a rectangular tube-like box to protect the map from getting crushed in transit. Unframed size is about 27 1/8 x 39 1/8" (not a standard frame size, strictly custom). Recently, we tried to re-order on this map and the earlier editions, only to find out that the publisher has moved on to other endeavors and will no longer reprint them. So, what we have left, in stock, is it. Contact us, first, before ordering to confirm that it is in stock. We will delete this item as soon as we run out. But, in case we haven't, yet, gotten to that, check with us first, before ordering.