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Chicago Neighborhoods Map Edition #2


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Chicago Neighborhoods Map #2
Like much of America's big cities, Chicago is a melting pot of ethnic groups and distinct neighborhoods. Each wave of immigrants has left there stamp upon those areas, whether it was the architecture, the restaurants, the houses of worship or just the plain ambience. Chris Devane and his publishing group Neighborhood Ties revised the original map (Edition #1, available elsewhere on this website) in or around the year 2000. They changed the map from a fairly pastel affair to something that gave the patchwork of neighborhoods a checkerboard of brighter colors. Unframed size is 26 3/4 x 37 1/4 (not a standard ready-made frame size). There is an index of neighborhoods on the map, and each neighborhood can be located by means of letter and number coordinates printed on the margins of the map. The map comes to you rolled up in a tube that gets packed in a long, rectangular box to protect it from getting crushed in transit.