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Arakawa CRE900 Wall Rail 36"

The CRE hanging rail by Arakawa is the most popular of all the weight classes of hanging rails offered. The extruded aluminum CRE rails come in 24, 36 and 72 inch lengths, with mounting holes pre-drilled in a central channel that allows the screw head to be recessed. That way, a paintable vinyl snap-on cover can be used without the screw heads bulging outwards. The CRE rails are easily cut with a chop saw or a metal hacksaw to adjust lengths. They, also come with an alignment pin that inserts into one end of the rail and allows you to daisy chain rails in perfect alignment while hanging. The vinyl covers will easily accept semi-gloss latex paint (you will want to give them a couple coats). The hardware that hangs from the CRE rail will accept cables that are rated at 40 lbs. per cable. The cables used with the CRE rail are 3/64" in diameter and are made from braided stainless steel wire for maximum strength and flexibility. While you can cut the rails on-site, we can also do that for you at no additional charge if you have accurate measurements of what you need.