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Arakawa CF1 Rail Clip-off white

The CF1 Rail Clip, from Arakawa, is designed to be used with the CRE rail system. This is our most popular hanging rail, since the great majority of home installations use this weight class. Each 3/64" diameter cable used with the CRE rail holds up to 40 lbs. To attach the cable to the rail, you need to use a Rail Clip. The CF1 is the clip that works with all CRE rails. It can hook onto the rail at any point on the rail and slide left or right for easy repositioning at will. It is offered in an off-white color that matches the snap-on vinyl cover that comes with the rail. For those who do not want to use the vinyl cover and prefer the more industrial look of the bare aluminum rail, Arakawa offers the CF1M, which is the same rail clip but not painted and in a bare metallic finish.