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Arakawa BSVL1 Midway Gripper for Signs & Panels

Ideal for use in hanging unframed graphics, signs, photos and panel-mounted images, the BSV edge gripper has a set screw on the back that allows you to sandwich up to 3/8" thick items. The BSV-Type non-rotating Gripper is ideal as for lightweight vertical plexiglass, or metal panels. Usually, you will need two right handed grippers and two left-handed grippers for any rectangular panel to be hung. We use them, in our frame shop, for wall signage under framed items to display laser printed explanations and pricing information. Usually, it is a piece of plexiglass on the front, the signage underneath it, and a piece of foam board or a 8 ply matting behind all that. The BSV grippers have a one-way cable gripper that allows you to easily slide the panel up without having to depress or release anything, but grabs the cables tightly when pulling down, necessitating that the spring-loaded gripper on each of the 4 BSV's be released in sequence. Great for window displays in stores, real estate offices, any public space where the signage needs to be movable or changeable easily.