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Arakawa BS35SET Single Point Ceiling Gripper

If you want to hang something from the ceiling or in a window opening and only require a single cable, you have a few different choices. You could use a ceiling-mounted rail, into which you can put numerous rail clips from which to hang numerous cables and associated items. But what if you only wanted to hang a single cable and you wanted something very unobtrusive? The BS35SET single point ceiling gripper is the answer if your item is not super heavy. It is compatible with either 1/16" diameter cable and 3/64" diameter cable. It has a circular, flat ring at its base through which you can pass 3 screws. If you are screwing into a wooden beam or the underside of window trim, you can use a #6 or #8 construction screw. Into dry wall,, you may wish to use a screw 1 1/4 to 1 1/2" long. The end of the gripper has a spring-loaded tube for grasping the end of the cable