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Arakawa BS23BRSET Tensioner for CRB/C Rails

The Arakawa BS223BRSET is a cable gripper that is designed to grip the bottom end of a hanging cable and pull it tight. This is, also, called a Tensioner. This piece of hardware is designed to fit into a CRB or CRC rail that is attached to the floor, directly underneath the ceiling-mounted version of it. In pulling the cable tight, it prevents the hanging object from swaying when people walk by it or air currents from ventilation catch it. The rail clip is attached perpendicularly to the rail, so the rail either has to be screwed to the floor (CRB rail) or inset into the floor (CRC rail). It could also be used in a wall niche, where the top and bottom rails could be screwed into place and the items hung in between the top and bottom of the niche are held motionless by the tensioner.