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Arakawa 1/16" Stainless Steel Cables pre-sized

The 1/16" stainless steel braided hanging system cables from Arakawa are cut to size, since the ends are spot welded shut when being cut. If you cut them on your own, they will unravel and make it impossible to pass them through the picture hooks and grippers that use this diameter of cable. They are offered in 9 different lengths, pre-cut from 2 feet to 10 feet. If you need a specific size not shown, contact us by email or phone when ordering. The cost for custom cut sizes is the same as the next size larger. So, for example, if you needed a 30 inch cable, it would cost the same as a 36" cable. This cable will handle up to 65 lbs. of hanging weight and is used with the CRJ and CRB/CRC rails with  AF3P116SS picture hooks, the BSR1 Ceiling rail clips and the BS223BRSET bottom tensioners. It also is for use with the SF31SSET and SF31SLSET top-edge-gripping panel hangers as well as with the BSVL and BSVR vertical-edge -gripping panel hangers. If all this seems confusing to you, feel free to pick up the phone and call us to detail your needs and ask for a recommendation of which hardware to use, how much to order and what it will cost. We are experts at this and would be happy to consult with you on the Arakawa Hanging System components.