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Shadowboxed Trumpet #1

A very dear client of ours mentored a young musician years ago and received from him, as a gift, his first trumpet. She was very touched and decided to showcase it in a way that would make it possible to remove it from the frame at will. Our client asked our frame shop manager, Dana, to design a frame that could be hung on the wall and be opened easily to remove the trumpet fairly easily.

After much thought and experimentation, Dana designed a 3-piece shadowbox frame that used different frame mouldings, but all done in black matte. The middle section is a shadowbox extender moulding by Gemini Moulding. The moulding at the back is facing backwards and the deeper front section faces the correct way. A brass piano hinge was used at the top of the frame to allow easy movement of the front section without bending or shearing off the hinges. Custom made, black acrylic brackets upon which the trumpet hung were fabricated by Dana.

The glass is Tru-Vue AR anti-reflective glass and the black suede mat is Crescent 7114 Carbon Black. A pair of offset D-Rings were attached to the back to allow hanging. Our client had us install, in her condo, the Arakawa hanging system in every room a few years back (the walls were all cast concrete). The picture hooks that the system uses were kept in mind when choosing the hanging hardware to go on the back of this shadowbox. Security hooks with close-able latches were employed on the Arakawa hanging system to keep the D-rings attached to the hooks while swinging open the front of the frame to remove the trumpet.

We can shadowbox frame any musical instrument and have a number of other solutions that allow easy access to the instrument when necessary. Let us show you how we can make a very special place for the object of your passion.

Frame job designed and executed by Dana Fisher, CPF
Photo credits by Brian Flax
Images shown by kind permission of our client.

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