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Shadowbox Framed Sweater for DePaul University
Our client, from DePaul University, brought in a sweater with the cryptic "Stockyards" insignia on the right lapel, apparently meant for their museum . Our framing team member, Kelly, designed a shadowbox frame for it that was 46 1/2 x 26" inside. The frame selected was a Larson-Juhl Cranbrook Maple #663177, glazed with Optium Museum Acrylic (plexiglass). The shadowbox, to which the sweater was sewn, was Bainbridge 8462L (oversize, since it was larger than 32 x 40). The inside of the frame was lined with box strips of the same matting material and the sweater was sewn into place. Here are photos of the finished shadowbox frame and some detail photos:

Sweater Shadowbox Framed for DePaul UniversityFull size image of sweater
Stockyards Insignia detail photoDetail of insignia on sweater
Sweater Collar Detail on Depaul Sweater ShadowboxCollar Detail
Frame finish and depth detail image for shadowboxDepth and Finish Detail for Sweater Shadowbox Frame