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SEVENDUST Rock Band Letter & CD Mat

We received a request from a client in Louisiana whom we had cut special matting for previously. This time, he wanted a mat that would be for his favorite rock band:  SevenDust. It was a heavy metal band formed in 1995 in Georgia and it was his favorite. He wanted a mat that would incorporate their band name logo,along with openings into white he could put CD cases or CD booklet information. We created this collage mat with a metallic silver backing mat at his request. We took existing alphabetical characters, imported them into "Pathtrace", a resident trace and draw program in our computerized mat cutter, and used the modifications to mirror their logo.

Mat designed by Brian D. Flax, CPF
Mat modified and cut by Dana L. Fisher, MCPF
Image shown by kind permission of our client.

Also: Here are some pix of a mat that we did for the same client previously for a different rock band:
The client had some photos and other memorabilia that he wished to incorporate into the matting & framing project. We used a Crescent Brite Core mat that is black on its face and red in the middle, so that when you cut the openings, the beveled edges of the mat openings are red. Brite core mats also come in black with yellow, blue, green, orange, pink and purple cores, as well as the same range but with a white top surface.
He wanted a silver mat to fill the openings of the HDMS letters, so we pieced in a chunk of silver mat board to the black mat board backing.