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Hyatt Hotels Sales Team Award

When our client from Hyatt Hotels came to us to design a framed award for 6 sales teams around the country, our shop manager, Dana Fisher, came up with a really striking design. A local engraver that we work with extensively came up with a laser-etched silver-colored plate that complimented the frame she chose after she showed him the moulding selected for the framing. The plates have been surface mounted, with glass spacers to prevent the glass from touching the plates.

The mat she used is a black, slightly glossy "etched" looking surface (Bainbridge 8012) that has a white core. Originally, she chose one with a black core, but decided that the offset v-groove that would encompass the plates would look better with a white core. It takes the eye of an experienced framer to perfect a design like this and she, definitely, hit a home run.

The 1 3/4" wide frame is a Fotiou 4462CS, which is a bright silver-colored leaf that has brush lines in it and is deeply beveled to draw the eye inward. This moulding also comes in a wider, beefier profile, same shape for larger items.

Glass used was Tru-Vue AR anti-reflective glass that looks nearly invisible and has almost no reflection.

Designed and executed by Dana L. Fisher, CPF

Images by kind permission of M. Yurgil, Hyatt Corporation