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Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Shadowbox

One of our clients, who works for the U.S. District Court here in Chicago, brought in a gilded scissors, a piece of the ribbon that was cut, a copy of the printed program from the ribbon-cutting ceremony and a photo of the new courthouse that was built and dedicated through this ceremony. Our shop manager, Dana, designed a shadowbox using Larson-Juhl Ansley Mahogany 294519, which was deep enough to handle the scissors and the platform-mounted flat items with risers under them.The mat used was a B4836 Bainbridge Imperial Blue linen. Glass was Artglass Waterwhite Anti-reflective glass. Glass size was 20" x 20". the scissors was held in place by clear mylar straps and sewing.

Frame designed and executed by Dana Fisher, CPF

Photo shown by kind permission of Ricardo Heard of the U.S. District Court.