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Returns Policy

We guarantee the quality of the products we sell and the accuracy of our descriptions on our website. If, for any reason, the items you purchase from us don't live up to your expectations, feel free to return those items within 30 days of receipt in their original condition and packaging. Defective items will be replaced at no charge (if you still want replacements). Please enclose a photocopy of your original shipping receipt that we sent to you.

The following items are modifications or exceptions to the above policy:

Broken Glass

While our packaging of picture frames with glass is quite thorough and time-tested, it is always possible for glass to arrive broken. If that is the case, and the frame is not damaged from the glass, just let us know and we will send you a replacement sheet of glass well packed. Please do not attempt to return broken glass to us. The freight cost is not worth it and it is dangerous for you to be handling it. We cannot accept any liability for mis-handled glass, broken or intact. We may, at our option, send you a sheet of plexiglass as a replacement instead. It is lighter in weight, shatter resistant and just as clear as glass. It costs us more, but it may be safer to send, especially if it is large.

If a frame arrives with broken glass and gets scarred up from the glass shards, dispose of all broken glass and return the un-glazed frame to us. We will replace the frame and credit you for the return freight. Alternatively, you can save yourself and us some money by shooting a photo of the scarred up frame and broken glass (cell phone photos are fine) and send that to us. We will accept that as proof of damage in lieu of the original item if it is no longer saleable.

Paper Products

We will only accept returns of mat boards if they prove to be mis-cut in size or if they prove to be defective in nature. Otherwise, they are not returnable.

Arakawa Hanging System Products

Since all orders for Arakawa Hanging System products are ordered in to your specification, they are not returnable unless shown to be defective. We have never had a defective product yet from Arakawa in 16 years. The one exception is that we will allow you to exchange product one time on the initial buy-in if, for example, you ordered 10 cables and 15 rail clips, but needed only 10 rail clips and would rather have more picture hooks. Or, perhaps you ordered in all your cables in 5 foot lengths but really needed 7 or 8 foot lengths. In other words, we will help you balance out what you need for the initial installation. We want you to be happy with your purchase decision and we want you to have the complete solution to your hanging system needs at the outset of your introduction to Arakawa.

To help avoid this problem, we recommend that you consult with us at the start of the design process to help you figure out what you really need to get the job done. This avoids wasted money and time.