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Retirement Gifts 

While we have done countless numbers of retirement and "going away" frames over the years, it seems like so many of them are last minute after-thoughts. Nothing quite says "Great job, we'll miss you" like a hastily designed retirement gift. We always recommend that those sorts of things have some thought put into them and that they look really great if you expect the recipient to display it on the walls of their home and not shove it in a closet. That is, of course, in a perfect world. Most of the time, we (the picture framer) get little time to do the work and, often, have to come up with the items that actually get framed. We can do that if you are in a time bind. If you have a photograph in digital form but haven't printed it out, you can email it to us. We partner with a number of printers near us who give us great quality and fast turnaround. If you want your fellow employees to sign the picture mat, we can crank one out really quickly for you to take and get it signed. if we have little or no time, we can use a ready-made frame. if we have 1 1/2 to 2 weeks, we can get a custom frame and create a masterpiece for you. Let us show you what real professionals can do.

Click on the items, below, to learn more about some of the retirement gift projects we have done previously: