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Oversize Religious Textile From Ethiopia

A client brought in a religious textile that he brought back from Ethiopia, wishing to have it framed. It was decided to handle it in much the same way as many canvases that we get in for framing, where it does not require any glass or plexiglass covering. The textile was mounted on a fabric base that had been stretched on a wooden stretcher. The inside dimensions of the frame were 104 1/4" long x 44 1/2" tall, so it was a difficult project. Our  framing team member, Kelly, used an acrylic glue to hot mount it onto a fabric base, rather than attempting the very laborious task of sewing it all in place. This worked out quite well. There are, also, oversize sheets of plexiglass that we could have used, but between that and sewing it all down, the cost would have been a great deal higher and our client wanted this done well within a cost range. And so it was.......

Mounted and Framed  Ethiopian Religious Textile

The frame was an Evald 84261 moulding that was 2 1/2" wide on its face with a beveled lip. It took 27 feet of picture frame moulding to build this frame.
The textile was adhered to #2566 "Camden Nautical" fabric from Frank's Fabrics of San Diego.

Ethiopian Textile framing detail
Framing designed and executed by Kelly J. Spruth, CPF
Photo by Brian D. Flax, CPF
Image by kind permission of our client