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Pritzker Military Museum Collage Frame

One of our clients brought in some commemorative medallions and a postcard of a World War I advertising poster he acquired from the Pritzker Military History Museum here in Chicago. He asked us to create a framed collage of these 4 objects. The frame is a Larson-Juhl 363182 Cranbrook Antique Cherrywood. It has a lovely finish and a deep bevel. The glass is ArtGlass AR Water White anti-reflective glass. We matted it using a Bainbridge 4097 Camel Linen over an Artique 4832 Pumpkin colored mat board that matched the frame. The circular holes were a snap with our Wizard 9000 computerized mat cutter. We cut the holes in the bottom mat precisely to the diameter of the medallions, but with a reverse bevel to keep the discs from falling out of their position. We try to avoid adhesives, where possible, and rely on mechanical fasteners and sink mats, like this one, to hold objects in place. The methods used need to be reversible to be considered archival.
Framing design, execution and photos by Brian D. Flax, CPF
Images shown by kind permission of our client.