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Pricing and Due Date Policies

Pricing Policy

With regard to the items sold on this website, our prices are competitive to the degree that we believe we can make a profit on them, stay in business, and make you happy. We are not interested in simply trading dollars. Companies that do that rarely survive.

Having said that, we believe in quoting clients on larger or complex framing jobs in a way that may allow us to pass through some economies of scale. Sometimes our quote may include a volume discount. If you are simply buying merchandise off this website, note that there may be quantity incentives shown in some of the pricing tables. In other cases, it may include a free "value added" item or service. But in every case, we will always give you what you pay for.

Due Date Policies

If you come into our store and have us perform a framing service for you, please let us know, up front, if there is an absolute date by which you must have your framing job. If not we will, generally, go by the due date our computer assigns to your framing project, and will print that out on our work order and your receipt that you will leave with.

Because picture framing requires such a unique blend of skills, materials, and varying amounts of time to execute our designs, circumstances usually dictate that your due date will be a moving target. Sometimes we finish earlier, sometimes on time, sometimes later. Please understand that we will be uninclined to adjust your quoted price if your job is finished after the approximate due date if you have not advised us, up front, that you needed it by a specific date. Our desire to please you is absolute, but we cannot always control the chaos that sometimes intervenes in our daily routine.

While it is self-evident that we are only human, what we do sometimes looks like the work of magicians. We are called upon to do the impossible so often (like framing complicated groupings of items in very short time frames) that we often kid that our motto should really be "Miracles Made Fresh Daily."