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Poster Frames

Poster frames by Nielsen Bainbridge are offered here in three collections. The one shown at left is the Royal Poster Frame. It is a flat-top, black wood that shows a bit of woodgrain. it's as basic a wood poster frame as you'll find. It does not come with a mat and is offered in 7 different sizes, glazed with polystyrene, a thin (about 1/16"), lightweight plastic sheet to keep the cost and weight down.

Click on the gray sidebar at left to learn more about Royal Poster frames or to order.

If you want something a bit wider and deeper, look no further than the Tribeca Poster Frame. It's about an inch deep and comes in a smooth, matte black finish. Of the 4 available sizes, only the 18 x 24 size has glass. The other 3 come with polystyrene. Again, it has no mat (like most poster frames 20 x 24 or larger).

Click on the the gray sidebar at left to learn more about Tribeca Poster frames or to order.