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Policeman Memorial Frame

A client of ours, who works in Cook County government, commissioned us to frame an obituary from a recently deceased police officer friend of his. This police officer had worked, as well, as a police union negotiator. Our client also provided us with an embroidered Chicago Police patch, which our frame shop manager, Dana, incorporated into the design. In addition, she found a way to work the checkerboard banding from the police officers' hats into the matting design. With our computerized mat cutter, she was also able to cut an opening that traced the shape of the police star patch.

The frame is a Larson-Juhl 147791 Gramercy Silver Cap moulding 9/16" wide on the face made to size 11 x 18. Dana used Tru-Vue AR anti-reflective glass and matted the piece in Crescent 7195 Blue suede. The newspaper article is dry mounted onto black board to minimize the show-through of type on the backside of the newspaper article.

Designed and executed by Dana Fisher, MCPF

Picture by kind permission of R. Buscemi