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Plexiglass Boxes & Vitrines 

The flanged lip plexi boxes, shown above, display masks from the Venetian holiday of "Carnavale." What the plexi boxes do is allow you a nearly 360 degree view of the objects housed within. Normally, in a deep shadowbox frame, you could only view the object straight on, without being able to get a good look at its sides. The flanged lip plexibox is held in place under the lip of the frame and projects out the front of the frame. So, you could use any frame to surround your 3-D object and not just a frame that is tall, slender and flat faced.

There are other types of plexi boxes as well, some of which do not use a picture frame at all as well as some that are designed to stand up on a shelf, desk, counter or any horizontal surface. We explore all these types in the following stories.

Click on the links, below, to learn more about what a plexibox or vitrine is, how it is used and how it differs from a traditional picture frame: