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Octagonal Chicago Marathons Collage Shadowbox

Die-hard Marathon Man

One of our long-time clients, Tom Mosher, brought in a bag full of Marathon medals from races he had participated in over the past decade or so here in Chicago. What is most remarkable is that he suffered a nasty stroke but fought his way back from it to be able to run, once again. He is one tough guy! A Vietnam War veteran and Probation officer, Tom has seen it all. We are grateful that he is still with us to tell the tale. Speaking of which, here is what we did for him recently:

The frame is Larson-Juhl 119630 Confetti Black Cap that is 1" wide. The glass is GroGlass Artcare Water White Anti-Reflective glass. The matting is Crescent 5511 Light Grey suede. There are box strips of the grey suede lining the inside of the octagonal frame that our shop manager, Dana Fisher, built. As you can see, the medal's ribbons have been inserted through slits in the matting and attached on the back. The bib numbers have been mounted on black board and then elevated with risers. Below are a few details of the medals. These are, primarily, Chicago races in which Mr. Mosher participated.

When designing shadowbox frames, you need to keep in mind how many layers of material the depth of the frame needs to encompass. We, also, try to use the least invasive methods for securing the items to be framed, while trying to ensure that they stay put. Great job Dana!

Frame designed by Dana L. Fisher, CPF

Photos by Brian D. Flax, CPF and shown by kind permission of Thomas Mosher.