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Obama Wins! Headline Collage Frame

One of our clients worked for the re-election of President Obama and brought in a collection of newspaper headlines from the results after election day. He and his significant other attended the election-night rally at McCormick Place in Chicago. He brought in passes from the event to incorporate into the shadowbox frame. This was a Christmas gift and we designed a multi-layer floating element shadowbox. Above is the result. The four headlines shown at angles are all mounted on black acid-free mat board using a translucent tissue called Fusion 4000. It allows the black board color to obscure the printing on the back side of the newspapers that would, otherwise, show through if mounted on white board. Those 4 headlines are floating on foam board risers. The central newspaper page is one layer up on a double-thick layer of foam board from the other 4 and the 2 rally passes are on a still-higher layer on a triple thick foam board riser. Glass used is Tru-Vue Conservation Clear u/v filtering glass. The frame is Gemini 3802 matte black with silver edges.

When designing the layout of the shadowbox frame, we decided to use the depth of the box to create more floating layers at different depths, with some overlapping the others. It was not important to be able to see every square inch of each item. It was the totality of the contents and the closeness to the glass of the most important elements that really punctuate the meaning of the framed collage.

Below are more details:

Frame designed and executed by Brian D. Flax, CPF

Images by kind permission of T. Bickford