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Music Video Producer's Memorabilia Shadowbox Frames

Mac Miller memorabilia shadowbox
Kanye West memorabilia shadowbox

Music-video production company, Lyrical Lemonade, one of our clients, brought in a collection of memorabilia for us to frame in shadowbox frames for his offices. Our frame team member, Kelly Spruth, designed two really excellent shadowbox frames that preserved and presented the items in a tasteful fashion. One group of items was from a video shoot involving the late hip-hop artist, Mac Miller. The central item was a custom-printed pizza box from the shoot, along with a photo of Mac and his musician crew eating pizza during a break in filming or as part of the video (not sure which it is or, maybe, both). The inside of the frame was 27 x 21 and was glazed with .098 clear plexiglass. The inside of the frame was lined with Bainbridge 4101 white fabric matting. The frame was an International Moulding TC1100-50,  1" wide x 3" tall in matte black wood. Kelly tailored the height of each frame to the height of the contents each needed to hold.

Detail from Mac Miller Shadowbox
Detail of profile, Mac Miller shadowbox frame

The Kanye West jacket and accompanying items were framed to 39 1/2 x 34 1/2, with the jacket sewn down and the related items mounted on 3-D platforms. It was, also, lined with Bainbridge 4104 White fabric matting. .098 clear plexiglass was, also, used in this frame. The matte black frame was an Omega 80772 profile that was 1 1/4" wide x 2" tall.

Photos:  Brian Flax
Images shown by kind permission of Cole Bennett, Lyrical Lemonade

Deetail 1-Kanye West Memorabilia Jacket Frame
Sleeve detail-Kanye West jacket shadowbox frame