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220 S. Wabash Ave. Chicago, IL 60604
(312) 431-9588
Mid-America Club of Chicago

Back when there was a dining club on the top floor of Chase Tower in Chicago, called "The Mid-Day Club", we used to do all the framing and frame repair for the club manager, Mr. Tim Hauschildt. When Chase decided to reclaim that floor for their own operations and not renew the lease of the club, the club's entire art collection was auctioned off and the club disappeared. Eventually, Tim re-surfaced at the Mid-America Club as Assistant Manager of Operations. The club is on the 80th floor of Aon Center (originally called The Standard Oil Building when first built and the sister building in design to the original World Trade Centers in NYC that were destroyed on 9/11/2001).  The club has meeting rooms, dining facilities and stellar views of the entire Chicago area. However, the walls were mostly blank after the last remodel, so Tim brought us in to help design, frame and install new framed items to decorate the place. Unlike the club at Chase Tower, where all the art was old or antique and nostalgic for the "old boy" way of life, we wanted to project a different image. We wanted to showcase Chicago as an exciting, modern, clean, inclusive, forward-looking metropolis and a great destination for tourists and business travelers. The framed photos were selected to project that image.

We put together an album of images that were contemporary photos on metallic Fuji or Kodak paper by Chicago photographers Jeff Lewis, Jonathan Michael Johnson, Leslie McClain, Susanna Doolin and Cesar Russ. We framed them all with 8 ply white mats, True-Vue Conservation Clear glass and matte black frames with silver inner and outer edges by Engelsen, Gemini and Larson-Juhl (they all have different permutations of that style). In several cases, with Jonathan's photos, we did two of his as shadowbox frames with platform mounted images.

While there on other business after installation was completed, I brought Jonathan with me who, very kindly, consented to photograph the different rooms where we had installed the art. What follows is about 95% of the items we installed: Our thanks goes out to Ernie Micelli, Tim Hauschildt and the other club staff who helped us work around their daily flow of meetings and guests, along with the photographers whose works are now on display there.

Framing designed and executed by Brian D. Flax, CPF
All photography of installation by Jonathan Michael Johnson
MAC 2014 Corporate Installation #1/8
MAC 2014 Corp, Installation #2/9
MAC 2014 Corp.Installation #3/9
MAC 2014 Corp. Install. #4/9
MAC 2014 Corp. Install. #5/9
MAC 2014 Corp. Install. #6/9
MAC 2014 Corp. Install. #7/9
MAC 2014 Corp. Install. #8/9
MAC 2014 Corp. Install. #9/9