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Marathon Running, Track & Field Framing 

Why do people run? Marathons are grueling and physically punishing, yet thousands of people flock to the Chicago Bank of America Marathon, the Boston Marathon, and other marathons across the world. One guess is that these people run to keep in shape and, perhaps, to prove to themselves just how fit and tough they really are. You have to admire that tenacity. When the race is run, all you have left is aching muscles and joints, as well as a box of memorabilia to commemorate the race. That's where we come in. This section shows you a whole bunch of race collages that we designed for many clients over the years. Perhaps it will inspire you to run a race too or, at the very least, get the box of memorabilia out from under the bed and up onto the wall.

Click on the links, below, to learn more about framing track and field collages: