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Little Girls' Baby Clothes w/Photos in Shadowbox

Since many of us, in our shop, have children, we know how fast they grow up. Preserving artifacts from their childhood is a great subject for a framing project. A client of Dana's brought in two photographs of her daughters, along with 2 baby outfits they had worn. The little girls are grown up now, but our client wanted to preserve these items and hang them at home.

One item was fairly pink, so Dana selected a white Larson 220941 Gallery frame 1" tall with an 11/16" wide face that she could use to shadowbox this composition. The mat she chose was Crescent 1672 Barely Pink, an extremely pale pink that is almost white. Using a special mat cutting technique our shop uses a lot, she created a drop-in shadowbox out of the mat board, cutting an opening in it for the child's photograph before folding it up into the box shape.

The other garment and photo were framed in a Larson 147791 Gramercy Silver wood frame, with the shadowbox/mat cut out of Bainbridge 8500 Shell Pink. The garment was nearly white with little decorations in it that had pink. The combination of garment and mat worked out well.

Dana used True-Vu Anti Reflective AR glass on both frames so that none of the reflection could obscure the details.

Frame design by Dana Fisher, CPF

Images by kind permission of N. Cox