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LaSalle Marathon Medals Showcase

Every year the LaSalle Bank of Chicago sponsored a marathon race in early October. The last marathon run under the LaSalle name, had record heat and got cancelled about half way through. Nonetheless, our client is a hardy gentleman who finished the race. In addition, he brought in a number of other track medals from other marathons and track events to include in the composition. Since that time, LaSalle has been acquired by Bank of America after it was sold off by ABN AMRO. The race continues each fall with only its name changing, fortunately.

Our shop manager, Dana, cut a mat opening to crop unwanted information from the newspaper clippings. Using clever slots, she pulled the ribbons attached to the medals through and fastened them on the back so that they could be kept whole and did not need to be cut.

The frame is a Larson-Juhl L393403 Metro Onyx that is a tall, shadowbox depth with curved sides. We used True-Vue AR anti-reflective clear glass to allow unobstructed views of the frame's contents. The matting used was a brown linen by Bainbridge (#4126). Overall size is 17 x 26. Note the details of the shadowbox edge strips in the photo below, the shape of the frame and the layout of the contents.

Designed and executed by Dana Fisher, CPF

Images by kind permission of T. Mosher