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Las Vegas Half Marathon Shadowbox

Our clients, the Snyders, love to run. Mrs. Snyder is the more accomplished runner of the two, but her husband, Kevin, was not to be out done. So, he ran a half-marathon while in Las Vegas in 2011 and brought back a pile of memorabilia for us to frame in a fun shadowbox that our shop manager, Dana, put together for him.

The frame is a Larson-Juhl 119630 Black Cap "Confetti" moulding that is 1" wide on the face and has a 2" deep rabbet inside the frame. This allowed for us to mount all the different elements at various heights to give the composition some depth and interest. It also allows for elements of the shadowbox to overlap each other and keeps the design from looking too static and boring.

The glass used is ArtGlass AR Water-white anti-reflective glass, which is totally anti-reflective and 80% protection against UV light. The mat used is a Crescent 7114 Black Moorman Suede, which is deep and rich looking. The glass and mat size is 29 x 24" and the actual shadowbox depth that Dana created was 1 1/4" deep.

We can create any sort of track and field shadowbox for you, with any and all medals, trophies, number aprons, photos, etc. that you can bring in. Get it up on the wall! Don't leave it to rot in a drawer, under the bed or a box in the basement.

Framing designed and executed by Dana L. Fisher, CPF

Images by kind permission of Kevin Snyder.