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Lady Antebellum Sheet Music Collage

A client brought Dana, our shop manager, the cover of some sheet music by the Nashville musical group Lady Antebellum. In order to fit the sheet music into the composition, Dana had it copied and shrunk down in size. While we are not sure of the story behind it, Dana designed a shadowbox frame 12 x 15 1/2" in 1" deep Larson-Juhl 300750 Sofia Bronze frame that has a delicate leaf pattern running the perimeter. She used ArtGlass Water White Anti-Reflective glass for absolute clarity and matted the cover in a Crescent 7584 Linen. The reduced-size sheet music pages are mounted on 4 ply mat boards and have a riser underneath them all to give them depth and suspend them above the matted sheet music cover. Check it out:

Note the fully lined edges of the shadowbox frame. The red linen mat is, actually, a single sheet of mat board that our computerized mat cutter first cut the mat opening for the cover and then cut the score lines that allowed the notched corners of the mat to fold up into a shadowbox, so the matting and box strips are all one piece of mat board. Pretty neat!

Frame design and execution by Dana L. Fisher, MCPF
Images shown by kind permission of Paul Drury.