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Katubah #3

This Katubah seemed shaped for a mat opening that might mirror it. That is, the art has rounded corners so, perhaps, the mat opening should too. And it does:

The frame we used was a a gold-colored leaf by Studio Moulding, the Virtu 44722 profile. It is a penl frame that works well for a wide range of framed documents. The purple mat mirrors the purple outline of the arch shape over the document and the gold foil bottom mat echoes the color of the frame. We tried a square-cornered rectangular mat, but it seemed to stilted and just wrong.This was a great solution. Below is a close-up detail of the matting:

One of the interesting things about the Katubahs we have framed, over the years, is that no 2 are ever alike, despite the identical purpose of all of them: A Jewish Marriage Contract.

Framing designed and executed by Brian D. Flax, CPF

Shown by kind permission of our client.