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Julius Erving Basketball Jersey

Our client is a big basketball fan and had been collecting memorabilia for a long time. He felt that "Dr. J" ,Julius Erving, was one of the greats worth memorializing in a shadowbox. He brought us an autographed jersey, along wih a picture of J.E. autographing it. In addition, he supplied some photographs from that era of Dr. J. shooting.

Our shop manager, Dana, sewed the jersey down onto a Crescent 87519 white linen after splicing in colored stripes of the team colors on the jersey. The blue and red were made from strips of B4104 and B4111 Bainbridge mat boards with regular bevels on one edge and reverse bevels on the other so that they could nest together without showing a butt joint. This is also a technique she used to extend the available size of another jersey shown elsewhere on this site (the Virginia Tech football jersey).

The photographs are mounted on Crescent BR34987 Brite Core black mat board, giving the photos a colored halo. The photos are floating over the jersey using a riser underneath them.

The glass is regular clear glass and the frame is actually 2 frames: The outer is Gemini G-7500 flat-top black matte wood, while the inner stacked moulding is Larson 140640 Blue Confetti. The blue stripe around the inside of the box gives the whole package more visual impact. The vertical, inner face of the frame package has box strips made from the same white linen the jersey is mounted on. Glass size is 26 x 36.

Designed and executed by Dana Fisher, CPF
Photo credits: Brian Flax
Photos by kind permission of our client.

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